Banana Pancake ~ Wicked Wednesday ~

It’s Wicked Wednesday again!

Banana Pancakes. They’re all fun and games until the rest of the ingredients forget to get involved.


I was a kid when this happened, maybe 9, and at primary school. Mum had packed me a lunch, as usual, and when the lunch bell had gone, I’d opened it up to find whatever food was waiting for me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like bananas a lot, but this one was a monstrosity. Sandwiched. Flattened. A mushy, soggy pancake made only by it’s squashed self, lonely without any flour, or milk, or egg to accompany it.

It had contaminated the rest of my meal, and burned its image into my brain. And sometimes, when I think of banana pancakes, I still think of it, instead of the wonder that is a banana pancake you have intended to make.

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x


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