Ultrasounds ~ Wicked Wednesday ~

Welcome to yet another Wicked Wednesday!

Ultrasounds. You’ve probably had one, and they’re not a big deal, but I’ve got something to say about the waiting rooms.


I have had a lot of ultrasounds in my time, in fact, I had one just last week. I’ve had them on knees, and ankles, and shoulders, and even jaws. Joints are fine, no biggie. Ive had them on my liver, which is slightly less preferable than joints in that fact that fasting is involved, but still a relatively minor issue in my life.

Kidneys though. And bladders, and ovaries, and uteruses. Anything in that general area of urine, and waste removal. Nope. Not a fan. They make you do a horrible thing. They make you hold your bladder.

First, you have to drink at least two full bottles of water, which is more than I usually drink on any given day (oops, work on that!). Then, they make you hold it. I know we’ve pumped you full of more water than you though would fit into your tiny body, but now keep it. Hang on to it. Don’t ever let it go. Dream of bathrooms, but never visit one.

Usually I cry, just by way of expelling some of the fluid within me. I ask to please be allowed to go to the bathroom, and they tell me I can go a little, if I absolutely have to, as if I have any control over the situation.

Then, when you’re done, and they let you finally go, you come back and they ask you if you’re sure your bladder is empty, as if it’s a job that going to be complete after just one trip. Honestly.

And don’t even get me started on the decor. The sea, the ocean, lakes, and rivers, I even went to one clinic that had a very large and fully functioning fish tank with mermaid stickers on the walls. Water may be calming, but it is far less so when you have been told that a large amount must be within you, and is not allowed to escape.

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x


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