Reawakened ~ Fiction Friday ~

It’s Fiction Friday again!

This week, we’re talking about a book called ‘Reawakened’ by Colleen Houck.


This book isn’t one I’d heard about, but I spotted it in a Big W store, and it captured my attention.

A story of Ancient Egyptian myth and legend, with a modern day twist, this book was exciting and entertaining. It included an interesting and intricate plot from start to finish, a lot of fun mythology, snippets of a history lesson, and hint of romance.

I found this book a very easy one to escape into and get lost inside. It was a wonderful read, and I definitely recommend you try it if you like mythology, fantasy, or young adult fiction, doubly so if you enjoyed stories like ‘The Alchemyst’ by Michael Scott.

If you have read ‘Reawakened’, plan to read it, or if perhaps this blog post has inspired you to give it a chance, do be sure to let me know of your thoughts in the comments!

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x


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