Active Wear ~ Wicked Wednesday ~

It’s Wicked Wednesday again!

Active Wear.


Many of us wear it a lot, including myself. In fact, I wear it pretty much all of the time. It’s my only type of wear, active wear, and the occasional pair of pyjamas. But when we do wear it, more often than not we are planning to engage in absolutely no physical activity. We are wearing clothes to try and deceive ourselves, and make ourselves believe that we are doing something active.

In appreciation of active wear, and it’s non-active uses, I give you a list of lazy places in which I have worn active wear, with absolutely no logical reason to do so.

-Long Drives
-The Vet
-The Library
-Extra Curricular classes

And many, many, many more. If I’m honest, I thought this list would be longer, but it turns out I’m not an overly thrilling person, and the things I do in a day seem to be a reputation of the same few things.

Let me know where you have worn your active wear, and whether or not you were active in it!

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x


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