Paper Towns ~ Fiction Friday ~

It’s Fiction Friday again!

This week we’re talking about a book you’ve probably heard of called ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green.


John Green is an incredibly popular author, especially among teens, and it’s not hard to understand why. He writes interesting characters with unique quirks, teenagers who go on a journey to discover themselves, and love stories with twists. His characters are relatable, fun and cool, even when they’re not supposed to be.

Since its initial publication, ‘Paper Towns’ has been film adapted, and enjoyed all around the world. Telling the story of a young, and slightly dorky high schooler named Quentin, and his girl next door love interest after she has gone missing, the story is a thrilling one, and leaves its reader wondering exactly which genre to categorise it as: Will it turn out to be a murder mystery?

Definitely worth reading, for young people and older readers alike, this book is entertaining, and will take you on a ride with it.

If you’ve read ‘Paper Towns’, plan to read it, or if this blogpost inspired you to give a shot, do be sure to let me know what your thoughts were!

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x


Moon Phases ~ Wicked Wednesday ~

Hello! And Welcome to Wicked Wednesday!

As you may or may not know, as a result of illness I have missed a lot of schooling, and for what I have been able to attend, I have often been so drugged up on medication, that my memory is a little sketchy.


This has led me to many an experience, including the one I’m about to tell you about.

The phases of the moon. A basic science lesson that we’ve all probably been taught, only I wasn’t taught it, because I wasn’t at school for that lesson. Instead, I was a school just in time for the test that asked me for an answer I had never been told.

I tried to be resourceful, and use what knowledge I did have. The phases of the moon? There was only one source I could even draw a guess from. Twilight.

What are the phases of the moon? I wrote my answer: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Imagine my shock when that was not correct.

Yes, it did occur to me at some point around Breaking Dawn that these did not sound like moon phases, and that perhaps Stephanie Meyer was not who I should be looking to for my science answers, but what choice did I have?

So I have two things to tell you; the first thing is that no matter how badly you think you’ve done on a quiz, or how stupid something you say might be, you can rest assured in the knowledge that I have done worse, and you need not feel so embarrassed. The second thing is to educate you, and just quickly let you know that while I’m still not entirely sure what the moon’s phases actually are, I am certain that the titles of the books in the Twilight series are not the places to find such information.

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x

Fresh Start ~ Motivation Monday ~

Welcome to Motivation Monday!

Every day is a fresh start.


Whatever happened yesterday, or an hour ago, or even a minute and a half before you starting reading this blogpost, put it behind you. It doesn’t have to rule this moment, and it doesn’t have to define you or anything that happens to you, today or ever.

Today is a new chapter, and new beginning, and a chance to start over. Smile, and laugh, and enjoy life. Seize opportunities, and come up with bright ideas, and be as happy as you can. Don’t let yesterday hold you back, instead let it propel you forwards into an exciting and wonderful today.

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x

Northern Lights ~ Fiction Friday ~

Welcome to Fiction Friday!

This week we’re talking about ‘Northern Lights’ by Philip Pullman.


‘Northern Lights’ is probably at least vaguely familiar to you, because it was adapted to screen as ‘The Golden Compass’.

The story is a thrilling one, starring a young girl called Lyra, and her daemon (a kind of familiar that all humans naturally have in the story), Pantalaimon.

Full of exciting twists and turns, just the right amount of fantasy, mixed in with facts for you to learn, and enough danger to leave the reader begging for more, it’s no wonder why this book has had such success.

This book is definitely worth reading, and will transport you to the world within its pages. I would recommend it to all, especially if you enjoyed books such as ‘The Alchemyst’ and the series that followed by Michael Scott.

If you have read ‘Northern Lights’, plan to read it, or if this blogpost inspired you to give it a shot, do be sure to let me know what your thoughts are!

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x

Trash TV ~ Wicked Wednesday ~

It’s another Wicked Wednesday!

Trash TV.


We all watch it, however much we might try to deny that we do. We all have those guilty pleasure shows, that we should probably be ashamed of. Those shows we wouldn’t willingly admit that we’re fans of, but that we can hardly stop thinking about for long enough to keep our mouths shut.

I watch a lot of bad television, I’m not here to lie. I watch shows that are shameful, and that even I know are a train wreck, and I get overly invested in them, to the point where I close my eyes to go to sleep, and dream of the people on them.

Here are some of my guilty pleasure tv shows:
Dance Moms. It’s bad I know. Its embarrassing, but I am not ashamed. I still dream that one day I will become Maddie Ziegler, and I will dance my way into a nation’s hearts. By the way, I cannot dance.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s awful. It’s a couple of hours of very rich women screaming at each other over ridiculous things, and finding outrageous things to do with their lives. It’s terrible, and I love it.

The Bold and The Beautiful. It’s confusing, and it makes no sense. It’s hard to keep up with. You miss 5 minutes on a Monday and by Tuesday there’s been three divorces, four new marriages, an affair, an addiction, and a scandal that will rock the company. That, or maybe a new adult Spencer child who no one knew existed before.

The Bachelor. It’s everything I’m against in the world. Its wrong, but oh so right. Its drama at its absolute finest, and I wish I could say it didn’t make me happy.

Let me know what your favourite trash tv shows are (because I’m sure you have some!)

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x

Mistakes ~ Motivation Monday ~

It’s Motivation Monday again!

Your Mistakes Don’t Define You.


We all make mistakes, and we will all continue to make mistakes. We are human beings, and are inherently flawed. The fact that you make mistakes simply means that you are alive, and that you are the same as all of us mistake making people.

Your mistakes are not all you are. They do not define you. They do not make you up. They are not what people think of when they hear your name, and nor are they what you should think about when asked to think about yourself.

You are not a failed test, or a low grade, or a missed goal, and a rejected proposal. You are not a fall, or a failure, or an inability to make things work quite as you hoped they would.

You are the wonderful things about you, and trust me they exist. You are your smiles, and your laughter, and the times that you have comforted a friend in need. You are bright eyes, and bright ideas, and bubbling excitement when something great is just about to happen. You are not your mistakes.

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x

The Magic Faraway Tree ~ Fiction Friday ~

Welcome to yet another Fiction Friday!

This week we’re talking about a book called ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton.


Enid Blyton was a renowned children’s author, and wrote many different books, all of which were met with adoration. Even if you didn’t know she was the author, chances are you have read one of her stories.

Recently, I reread ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’, which was a story I adored as a child when my mother read it to me. This time, I read it to myself, as an adult, and it has lost none of it’s magic.

Though it is designed for children, this story was one I still enjoyed. Full of fantasy and fun, and the nostalgia of childhood innocence, this book is just as entertaining as ever, and just as magical.

If you’ve read ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’, plan to read it, or if maybe this post has inspired you to, do be sure to let me know what you think!

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x

Active Wear ~ Wicked Wednesday ~

It’s Wicked Wednesday again!

Active Wear.


Many of us wear it a lot, including myself. In fact, I wear it pretty much all of the time. It’s my only type of wear, active wear, and the occasional pair of pyjamas. But when we do wear it, more often than not we are planning to engage in absolutely no physical activity. We are wearing clothes to try and deceive ourselves, and make ourselves believe that we are doing something active.

In appreciation of active wear, and it’s non-active uses, I give you a list of lazy places in which I have worn active wear, with absolutely no logical reason to do so.

-Long Drives
-The Vet
-The Library
-Extra Curricular classes

And many, many, many more. If I’m honest, I thought this list would be longer, but it turns out I’m not an overly thrilling person, and the things I do in a day seem to be a reputation of the same few things.

Let me know where you have worn your active wear, and whether or not you were active in it!

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x

Proud Of Me ~ Motivation Monday ~

Welcome to another Motivation Monday!

I am so proud of me.


Say it to yourself right now. Mean it when you do. You should be proud of you, for all that you are, and all that you have achieved, and all that you will be.

Be as proud of yourself as you can be, and wear that pride like armour. Keep your head high, and know that you are wonderful.

Whether you are proud of getting a good grade, or for trying really hard, even if you still didn’t score so well. Whether you’re proud of scoring a goal, or some other sporting a accomplishment, or for standing up to defend a friend, or for cooking an edible meal, or even just for getting out of bed and ready for the day. Be proud of all the little things you accomplish. Hold onto and appreciate your little victories. Be proud even when others might say you shouldn’t be, because you’re doing it. You’re awake, you’re alive, and you’re reading this right now. Be proud of yourself for the phenomenon that you are.

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x

Me Before You ~ Fiction Friday ~

It’s Fiction Friday again!

This week, we’re talking about a very popular book called ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes.


This book is relatively new (only published a few years ago), and has had ultimate success. It’s widely loved, and it’s film adaption is set for release very soon, with some big names including in making it.

The story is set in 2007, and tells of a girl who, in the face of recession and with no other job prospects, takes on a carer’s position, looking after and quadriplegic man who is just a little older than herself.

This book is likely not going to be what you expect it to be. I won’t give too much away, but the things that happen are not the happenings of a typical love story. This is a tale of love, and of loss, of individuality, of finding oneself, of freedom of thought, and of trying very hard to live life to its absolute fullest.

Upon reading this novel, it will likely generate some strong feeling in you. Whether you love it, or whether you hate it, you cannot ignore it.

If you’ve read, plan to read, or if perhaps this blogpost inspired you to pick up a copy of this book, do be sure to let me know what your thoughts on it were!

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x