RainCoat Mistake ~ Wicked Wednesday ~

Welcome to another Wicked Wednesday!

For some of you, it’s probably heading into summer, but that cannot be said for the southern hemisphere, so I’m here to share with you some winter blues.


I’ve recently moved interstate, to a place far colder than the heat I am used to, and let me just tell you than being cold does not agree with me.

I whinge, wear pyjamas for as long as possible, and am generally unpleasant to be around, but that’s not all.

Being cold means I put on very glamorous looking raincoats, and tighten the hoods around my head, which I did just a couple of weeks ago.

Not a mistake I’ll be making again. Recently, I had to have facial surgery. When I pulled on that elastic band to tighten the hood, and accidentally let it slip, where do you think it bounced back to?

Right on the scar. The accuracy was incredible. It was one of those moments where your body is ahead of your brain, and your brain is struggling, not quite sure what’s happened, and trying to catch up.

And I laughed. Because my brain hadn’t worked out that it wasn’t funny yet. I really, really laughed. Then my brain actually worked out it’s surroundings, and the laughing quickly faded. And there I was, just waiting for all my systems to work as a team.

My poor mother, who laughed in the face of my terrible injury. I should be angry, shouldn’t I? But how can I be? I can’t, not when it was my brain who thought laughter was cool first.

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x


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