Paris Is Always A Good Idea ~ Fiction Friday ~

Hi, and welcome to Fiction Friday!

This week, I’m talking about a book called ‘Paris Is Always A Good Idea’ written by Nicola Barreau.


This book is about all things creative, perfect for aspiring writers, and artists, as it follows the journey’s of a children’s author, and an illustrator, as their lives and stories intertwine.

The story often references real Parisian landmarks, and gives the reader some education on what it’s like to visit the capital. It does, however, use French language from time to time, which could be difficult for some English speaking reader to understand.

Overall, I thought this book was wonderful. With all of the magic of creativity and romance, it was most certainly worth the read!

If you’ve read it, if you plan to, or if maybe even this blogpost has encouraged you to read the book, do be sure to let me know what your thoughts on it are!

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x


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