Themes ~ Wicked Wednesday ~

I like themes. I really like themes. I like things to match and fit, a lot.


I offer you some examples:
Last Christmas, I spent the day at the aquarium. My first though upon finding out that was where we would be going was attire. I was excited, because it was the perfect opportunity to wear my Dory from Finding Nemo t-shirt. This was noticed by aquarium staff members, and commented on. (I like to think the tone was at least complimentary.)

For my last birthday, I went to see Mockingjay Part 2 at the cinema. I wore only what I believe Katniss might have done had she been going to see a film, with, of course, a side braid in my hair to match hers.

I went on a very old, historical ship once on a school trip. I could have worn anything, the day was free dress, but I didn’t pick just anything. As my obsession with these goes, I had to where the shirt I had once bought on a day of whale watching (with a little whale pictured on it).

I bought a cat recently, as some of you may know. What you don’t know, is that I wore socks with pictures of little kitten footprint on them in honour of the occasion.

Sometimes, I even do when I watch a film in my own house. I’ll wear the pyjamas I think suit the theme best, or I’ll spend the day wearing some sort of affiliated merchandise.

I’m sure that there have been more times, undoubtably. These are just some of the more recent of many. It’s a problem. I know. But it’s not one I plan on putting a stop to any time soon.

I really like themes.

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x



2 thoughts on “Themes ~ Wicked Wednesday ~

  1. Life Mutated says:

    Clothing in itself affect your mood and level of comfort and an organized mind even more so. The mind is a strange place and keeping it entertained whilst still preserving what energy you have and still keeping it sane is a full time occupation.

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