Crazy Cats ~ Wicked Wednesday ~

It’s another Wicked Wednesday!

I think now would be a good time to share with you all that I have recently added to my family. Yes, that’s right, I got another cat!


She’s around 3 years old, a rescue cat, very cuddly, and very soft.

What’s her name, you might ask? Minerva.

All of my pets are named for Harry Potter characters. Her name is Minerva, for Minerva McGonagall.

This is not a first for me, I have another cat called Dobby, after the houself. I had a cat called Ginny for Ginny Weasley. Even when I was just three years old, and definitely should not have been granted the responsibility of pet naming, I named our ginger cat after a character from a television show called ‘The Fairies’. We were stuck with Barnaby, after Barnaby the Busy Buzzy Bee.

It’s a wild ride with me. There’s probably a good reason why I should never name a child, I’d probably name them just as haphazardly as dear old Mr Harry James Potter himself!

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x


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