Carlizzle ~ Wicked Wednesday~

Hello! This is Wicked Wednesday!

I read Twilight when I was quite young. I loved Bella, and thoughr Edward was just wonderful (I later went on to convert to Team Jacob, but that’s beside the point.)


As some of you may know, in the Twilight series, Edward has found himself a sort of vampire family. The father figure of this family is a good man (or vampire, to be technical), with slicked back blonde hair and a name I thought was incredibly fancy.

Carlisle. I hadn’t heard this name before, and read it for the first time in these books. I didn’t read it as I should have. In my world, Edward was being looked after by a very nice man called Carlizzle.

It was ingrained in me, I never worked out that the name was off, somebody actually had to sit me down and tell me so. If I’m honest, it lost something for me once I found out, and if ever I read the name now, I still find my mind pronouncing it as I used to.

So, if your name is Carlisle, think of Carlizzle as a term of endearment, because it is all I will be calling you.

Keep Smiling!

~Shade x


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